Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Wear Fur Without Looking Like a PIMP

Happy Hump-Day y'all! It's getting cold as hell here in Washington, which means I am bringing out on of my favorite winter wardrobe piece to keep me warm. That FUR yo! I've always been keen on the fur, but I also have a deep-seated fear of looking like P-I-M-P, and not in a good way.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Anti-Aging Beauty Routine with me™

I use to think waking up with perfect skin and hair was a myth reserved for the realm of rom-coms. Because in reality, I wake up with crazy bed-head (what my dad nicknamed me as 'spider head'), puffy eyes, and weird grooves etched across my cheeks from sleeping on my side.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

5 Must-Have Coats for Fall

The temperature is starting to drop which means we have to start thinking about fall wear. I know I am not going to get through the next few frigid months without my trusty coats to keep me warm and stylish. So go ahead.. donate that coat you've had since college and take a look at the list below and pick the ones worth the splurge. Just make sure that whatever you put over your outfit is just as good as what's inside.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Silk On

Leave it to the fashion industry to turn slip dress into, well, something other than a night gown. I am not mad about it. I mean, who doesn't love a slinky, silky, curve-skimming dress to accentuate those women parts. Perfect to throw on for those hot date nights with sexy little booties. I am excited to add more silk pieces to my collection and I don't plan to stop any time soon!


Monday, August 15, 2016

Off-The-Shoulder Trend for Fall?

They are everywhere. On the runways. On every blogger you follow. On my best friend. On my best friend's mom. The off-the-shoulder (OTS) trend has caught-fire especially this spring/summer but will it trend remain fresh for fall? I personally think off-shoulder-anything is too damn flattering to ever tire of. It's flirty, comfortable, and hide your pit stains-what more could we want from a piece of clothing?


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Long Road Ahead

It's a long road ahead especially having to walk it in these killer high-heel suede sandals from Steve Madden. Just kidding. Seriously though, these are one of my favorite heels. They come in many colors and obviously I got them in taupe. The suede is really great quality, per-usual. The fit is a bit small (so size up especially if you have wider feet) but they are very comfortable! The straps are thicker (and so sultry) therefore they won't fall down. There's a long road ahead, so choose your shoes wisely ;)


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary #Nsale Shopping Guide

(Take a look at the full sale here and scroll over the images above to click through directly to each product.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Who do you dress for?

They say women apparently dress to impress other women. I have to admit there is some truth to that. I remember spending hours in front of a mirror on Saturday nights with my girlfriends in mind as I was deciding what to wear. Not because I wanted to "out-do" my friends, but I wanted to make sure I dressed similar and not over or under dress. But honestly, the most genuine compliments I receive comes from women I don't know – not men. It makes sense as women are much more in the know when it comes to clothes, make-up and style, so it’s not a surprise that we go out to impress other women as opposed to men.


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